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"Thank you for letting me see my friend again. You were spot-on."
– Bill Baize –
(Former member of JD Sumners Stamps Quartet & Back-up Vocalist for Elvis Presley from 1971 - 1976)
"One of the most incredible performances I have ever seen. Almost orgasmic!"
– "Wink" Martindale –
(American disc jockey, radio personality, television game show host, television producer and Elvis Presley's close personal friend) 
"Finally, a true Elvis show! And Jay Dupuis plays the role perfectly. Hands down, the best".
– Keith Clifton - The Tennessee Star Journal –
"What can I say, the kids got it. I haven't seen anyone better."
–Joe Guercio –
(Elvis' musical director and orchestra conductor and performed with Elvis 1970 - 1977)
"I couldn't take my eyes off of him. This young man is the real deal."
– Donny Sumner –
(Former member of JD Sumners Stamps Quartet, the vocal group "Voice" and back-up vocalist for Elvis Presley from 1971 - 1976)
"This Guy is incredible, I couldn't believe my eyes."
– Duke Bardwell –
(former Bassist of Elvis' TCB Band & performed with Elvis from 1973 - 1975)
"I really get lost in it sometimes," It brings it right back, that feeling of the energy and excitement. It's hard to explain, this guy is so good."
– Larry Strickland –
(former member of Jd sumners stamps Quartet and back-up vocalist for Elvis Presley from 1973 - 1977)
"He's amazing, he really is unbelievable! And he's a nice, fine young man."
– Naomi Judd –
(one half of the multi award winning country music group "The Judds")
"Jay is absolutely the best I've seen from start to finish. Brilliant!"
– Robin Leach, Las Vegas Sun –
"I got the same electric feeling from him as an actual Elvis show".
– Sam Thompson –
(Elvis' head of security and close friend)
"I don't give standing ovations and I gave him a standing ovation. He's phenomenal".
– Jerry Schilling –
(Elvis' bodyguard and personal friend)
"I had the distinct opportunity of seeing Elvis Presley in concert twice in his prime. Jay Dupuis is the closest thing to him".
– Justin Drerre - New Orleans Times Picayune –
"He's really got Elvis' vocal tone. The closest I've heard."
– Terry Blackwood –
(Member of Elvis' imperials Quartet and back-up vocalist for Elvis from 1969 - 1971)
"Theirs only 1 guy that brings me back to those days, and its Jay Dupuis "
– Ed Bonja –
(Elvis' Concert Photographer and TRUE Tour Manager and Colonel Parker's right hand man  1970 - 1977)
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